Oregon Stalking Order Attorney

Jennie Clark, Attorney at Law, handling civil and criminal Stalking trials and appeals in the State of Oregon.

The classic stalker was an unknown or barely familiar person that would lurk in the bushes around someone’s home and follow that person to various localities while making threatening gestures or sexual innuendos. As an experienced attorney, who handles stalking cases on a regular basis, I have seen the stalking statute used in a variety of contexts. Sometimes people that know each other, such as neighbors, family members or co-workers, make use of the stalking statute.

This is an area of the law that is relatively new. California was the first state to pass a stalking statute in 1990. Oregon followed suit in 1995. The stalking statues are relatively new compared to many of our common laws which have historical roots before the United States became a country. Thus, there has been a lot of litigation regarding the constitutionality of the stalking statues, their interpretation and scope. Thus, it is important to have legal counsel to help you whether you are a petitioner or a respondent to a stalking order or if you have been accused of the crime of stalking or a related crime.

Jennie Clark handles all types of cases involving stalking. She can represent either petitioners or respondents, but not both at the same time.

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