Oregon Attorney / Lawyer Handling Stalking Order Appeals

Most stalking cases are not appealed. I successfully won the only stalking case that I handled on appeal. For my client’s privacy, the case is not listed.

Rates: I generally charge an initial $6,000.00 retainer to begin working on an appellate case and charge my hourly rate against the retainer.

What kinds of appellate cases do I accept?
I will consider accepting any stalking appellate case if I determine that there are issues that are relevant to the appellate court. If you have a trial attorney that can refer the case to me and state the relevant appellate issues, I find this helpful when determining if I will accept the case. You generally have about a 30 day window to appeal a stalking case, so it is important that you obtain counsel promptly if you wish to appeal your stalking case.

What other factors determine whether or not I accept your appellate case? Due to deadlines involved in the appellate process, I have to determine if I can fit your appeal into my caseload.

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