How the stalking statutes can be used against the school bully.

Since the State of Oregon has statutes allowing one to obtain a stalking order when there is repeated bullying, we at Clark Law and Associates, LLC, suggest one use Oregon stalking statutes to protect children.

The documentary “Bully” never discussed how parents could use stalking statutes against school bullies if their child was a victim of bullying.  At times children were advised to fight back, thus becoming bullies themselves. At other times, no crime was charged and bullying activity was merely shrugged off, leaving some children so miserable in their daily lives that they committed suicide. Many children have not only endured repeated threats of imminent physical abuse on a daily basis, but they have been repeatedly physically abused by other children by hitting, shoving, etc.

What should a parent do if their child has been physically abused by other children?

  1. Document the stalking behavior.  Write letters documenting the dates, times, and circumstances of bullying behavior to the parents of the abusive children, the school, and the bus company, if applicable.
  2. Make a police report, especially if there is any physical evidence that your child has been abused.  No child should have to endure being a daily crime victim.  Kids will be kids.  However, kids eventually grow up to be adults and bullying is an unacceptable way to resolve problems in a civilized society.
  3. File for an Oregon stalking order. After there are two or more documented incidents of abuse or threats of imminent abuse within a two-year period of time, the case is ripe for an Oregon stalking order. If a stalking order is placed upon a childhood bully, this will force the bully to stay away from the victim or face criminal charges. A civil stalking order will force school administrators and bus drivers to make arrangements to assure the bully is not placed on the same bus or in the same classroom as the victim.

If school officials are not willing to interfere with playground instances of physical violence, then there is an option of hiring one of our civil attorneys at Clark Law and Associates, LLC who can file an Oregon stalking order against the bully.

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