Crimes and Civil Lawsuits Associated with Stalking

If a person engages in stalking behavior in the state of Oregon, it is possible that the district attorney’s office may also charge the person with the crime of stalking under ORS §163.732, harassment under ORS § 166.065 , Telephonic harassment under ORS § 166.090, Invasion of Privacy under ORS §163.701 or assault.  If you are a crime victim and wish to bring criminal charges, call 911 if it is an emergency.  Call the non-emergency police if the situation does not involve an immediate threat of harm.

A civil attorney, such as the civil attorneys here at Clark Law and Associates, LLC, cannot bring criminal charges.  However, in addition to a stalking protective order, a civil attorney can assist with filing a civil lawsuit for assault, battery, invasion of privacy, and/or intentional infliction of emotional distress if the offender has assets.

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